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Daihatsu Repair San Bernardino

909-277-9053 Daihatsu Repair San Bernardino. Life is all about making good choices and selecting A & B Transmissions & Automotive Service and is a great choice! We back car repairs with a  2 Year 24,000 Mile Warranty to ensure your Daihatsu is repaired right the first time. A complimentary shuttle gives you the freedom to get back to thedaihatsu repair san bernardino 25 coupon ab transmission auto service tune ups brakes oil change diagnisis repair check all lighting Renew adjust spark plugs Compression checks Fuel injection diagnosis Ai 909 277 9053 ~ Daihatsu Repair San Bernardino office if necessary. If you’d like to wait for a quick oil change or repair we have a comfortable waiting room with hot coffee and beverages. Now you can have an oil change and get your transmission repaired in the same day. While you are multi-tasking we will diagnose your car in our modern facility using the finest technology. Call Daihatsu Repair San Bernardino by A & B Transmission & Automotive Services at 909-277-9053. $25 off first visit!

Formed in 1951, Daihatsu has been selling vehicles in North America since 1992. It is not uncommon for Toyota to distribute the Daihatsu models. We specialize in Japanese car repairs that are backed by a 2 Year 24,000 Mile Warranty. Whether you have a high mileage Daihatsu or new car we will treat it with the same care we give our own vehicles. Come by or call Monday – Friday and our Certified Technicians will keep your vehicle running for another 100,000 miles! In the San Bernardino areas you won’t find a more welcoming repair center! Call Daihatsu Repair San Bernardino by A & B Transmission & Automotive Services at 909-277-9053.

Daihatsu Service San Bernardino

Daihatsu Service San Bernardino welcomes you with a $25 off first visit. When you are looking for Daihatsu repairs and service in and around the inland empire call the top rated Master Technicians at A & B Transmission & Automotive Services at 909-277-9053. Come by and see what separates us from our competition:

  • Certified Technicians are available 5 days a week
  • 1 Year 12,000 Mile Warranty
  • Diagnostic superiority
  • Specialize in Japanese car repairs
  • Ask for shuttle
  • $25 off first visit for our new customers

Don’t wait another day, when your Daihatsu has drivability issues call the car repair specialists at Daihatsu Service & Repair San Bernardino A & B Transmission & Automotive Services at 909-277-9053.


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